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Office Locations

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Sacramento Office:
  • 2485 Natomas Park Drive,
  • Suite 450,
  • Sacramento,CA 95833

  • (916) 381-6171 Phone
  • (916) 381-1109 Fax
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CVM Law Group, LLP is committed to providing effective and competent legal representation efficiently and with value to its clients.

Attorneys at the CVM Law Group help real estate developers and real estate companies in Sacramento and throughout Northern California with all their transactional and litigation needs.  The firm's associates also practice in Newport Beach, serving clients in Orange County, Los Angeles, and across Southern California.  The firm also assists clients in Tennessee from its Memphis office.

With a primary focus in the area of real estate development, the CVM Law Group provides professional legal advice and assistance across the range of issues faced in the business and corporate world.  The CVM legal team assists clients with the formation of business entities such as limited partnerships and limited liability companies, and represents them in all complex and significant transactions requiring legal counsel.

A Results-Oriented Philosophy

Some lawyers feel it is their job to advise the client on the pros and cons of their business dealings.  Attorneys at the CVM Law Group believe it is the client's province to make business decisions, and that the attorney's role is to give the client the advice they need.  This includes ensuring the client understands the ramifications of the decision, minimizing risk, and structuring the deal to get it done.  For professional advice and representation in a real estate transaction, litigation, or other business matter, contact the legal professionals at CVM Law Group.


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